About Us/关于我们

Our Story

We are a group of experienced professional health care providers in Calgary. As first-generation immigrants from China, we have a profound understanding of the special challenges and barriers facing senior immigrants and would use our expertise to help them access resources for their retirement.

We founded a non-profit organization “Happy 50+ Association” in 2018. We have been running many free activities for Chinese immigrants over 50 living in Calgary and any Calgarian who wants to plan his/her retirement life in advance.

Since 2018, approximately 8000 Chinese Calgarians have attended over 20 in-person seminars organized by Happy 50+ Association. Please see Appendix A for the highlighted services and workshops.

cheerful senior mother and adult daughter using smartphone together

Our Vision

To be a leading partner in integrating community and health services for the Chinese community to the existing healthcare and social services network


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Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life for Chinese seniors and their community by providing linguistic and culturally accessible resources to mitigate health, mental health, and community-related care gaps.

Our Team

Han Yongwei (David), the current president of the Happy 50+ Association, Rockyview General Hospital Licensed Practical Nurse. He cares about public welfare. David also likes volleyball, meditation, reading, etc.

Monica Chen, Vice President and one of the founders of Happy 50+ Association. Graduated from Mount Royal University with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, she is a Canadian registered nurse with more than 10 years of clinical experience. In addition to having extensive experience as a Case Manager in all-round elderly care, she has also worked in two major hospitals in Calgary, the Women’s Health Center, the Cancer Center and the Elderly Care Center. Before immigrating to Canada, she was an ENT doctor and a teacher in the medical school of a tertiary hospital in China. In his spare time, he likes to devote himself to charity, camping and exercising with his family, and researching and trying new recipes. Monica is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. 

Liza Choi   

  • Happy 50+ Board of Director, author of funding application, and social entrepreneur
  • Associate Professor, School of Nursing and Midwifery
  • Interim Associate Dean of Research and Scholarship, Faculty of Health, Community and Education
  • EMBA degree (Queen’s University, 2021)
  • Liza was the 2019 recipient of the MRFA Teaching Excellence Award, being the first Chinese to receive this award

Liza’s areas of Scholarship are:

  • Learning English as an additional language as a key success factor for immigrant students
  • Virtual learning in diverse fields
  • The influence of health and social factors on Chinese immigrant elderlies. 

Before Liza starts her academic career, she was a hospital registered nurse. Her hobbies include hiking and traveling. She is from Hong Kong. Fluent in both Chinese and English. She speaks fluent Cantonese and English.

Ray Zhang, board of director of Happy 50+ Association.Ray Zhang is a Canadian Registered Generalist Sonographer and American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. He has been working in the ultrasound field for twenty years. He has extensive experience in medical imaging aided diagnosis of various geriatric diseases in elderly patients. Currently Ray works in hospitals and private diagnostic imaging clinics in Calgary, Alberta. Prior to immigrating to Canada, Ray had worked in hospitals in the USA and China. He is fluent in Mandarin and English. Ray likes swimming and cycling.

Liu Jing is a psychologist at the Canadian Health Care Association. Canadian registered psychologist, counseling therapist in Alberta. Currently working as a family counselor in a non-profit organization in Calgary.

Tong Du,Happy 50+ Office lead. Tong graduated from Mount Royal University with a major in Child Studies and a minor in Psychology. Before joining the Canadian Health Care Association, Tong was an Early Childhood Educator. She loves baking and gardening.